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Solar Leads That Convert

We generate 1000s of Solar Panel Leads☀️for clients across the UK each month. Capitalise on the numbers of people actively looking to solar as an alternative to high energy prices.

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Delivering A Steady Stream Of Solar Leads For You

At a time when energy prices are rocketing, many households are actively seeking ways of reducing their reliance on non-renewable sources of energy like gas and electricity. This provides a great opportunity for solar installers, if they can find the right leads.

We help leading solar companies deliver on their aims by securing genuine solar leads for them. We understand the solar sector, so by working with us, we can help connect you with potential customers who have a genuine interest in purchasing solar services, whether they are considering solar panels, solar battery storage, or want to benefit from the solar grid system.

We can deliver you with solar leads, enabling you to concentrate on making sales and supplying the solar products and services that your customers are looking for. As experts in lead generation for the solar industry, we have worked with some of the best known solar companies, so we know that what we do works for our clients and serves up leads every month for our clients.

Digitally Generated & Compliant Commercial Solar Leads

Solar panel leads are often high converting

Solar panel leads can be highly effective as those searching for solar are often highly invested in the process and already knowing of the benefits of solar panels. Whether they are able-to-pay customers, or those looking to take advantage of the various grant schemes, our solar panel leads will ultimately lead to more sales.

We will generate solar panel leads for you via a number of key methods. Our social team generates thousands of leads each month across numerous platforms, while our PPC team ensures you get the best return from paid search.

When you need both volume and quality, we excel at bringing you the solar panel leads you need. Our landing page skills ensure that the pages your potential customers are directed to are properly optimised to encourage the conversions you need. All of this adds up to a quality return on investment.

We use high converting landing pages to ensure we get a low cost per lead but high quality lead. Example: https://solarsavingschecker.co.uk/


We Know How
To Generate
High Quality Solar Leads
For Our Clients

Pay Per Lead or Revenue Share

Pronto's has two models for how we distribute solar leads, please read below or enquire for more detail. We provide a mixture of volume and quality, working with sales teams to ensure ROI is high.

Exclusive TO YOU

Our solar leads are all exclusive to you. No leads are mixed or double sold, so you will not be competing against other competitors with the same lead.

Partnership Approach

Each client is like a partner. We only make money if you succeed. Lead generation is a results business, so we must work together as a partnership to make this work.

NO Sales | NO Pay

Our unique revenue share model means if you don't make any sales you don't pay anything to us. We take a fair revenue from the sales value, meaning if you don't sell we make no money, so it's more of a partnership than a typical client-service provider relationship.


Solar Leads - Pronto's Approach

Our solar leads come from channels such as Google ads, Facebook and Instagram where we have some of the largest spending campaigns in the UK. We are rapidly becoming one of the largest providers of solar panel leads in the country.

We generate 100% exclusive quality solar panel leads delivered to your CRM or other chosen method. Our flexible multi-channel approach can be scaled up or down to maximise results.

We provide you with a dedicated account manager so that you always have a single point of contact and full accountability for campaigns. You will always be able to see a true measure of your campaign results through regular reports.

Our unique revenue share model means you pay the actual price of what it costs to generate a lead. We only make money when you do. Our leads are all GPDR compliant and the campaign leads are exclusive to you.


Choose Your Options

Free Lead Trial To Prove Concept

Try Us Before You Buy With Our Free Trial

For sectors we already cover we are always happy to give free trials to prove concept. Please get in touch and typically we can set this up pretty Pronto!

  • Small lead trial
  • Set up within 7 days
  • Free API set up

CHECK Out our unique revenue share model which is putting to shame to the cost per lead model in solar leads industry.

Work With Us

Intent Focused Leads

Intent focused customers typically come via a Google search, ensuring we are in the prime position to connect your business. 90% of our clients have their own in-house marketing campaigns, but use our intent focused leads to hit targets. Affiliates are more commonly used in businesses than ever before, so branch out your audience and pay for results.

Influence New Customers

Influencer marketing is typically done via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – here we promote your story and offer to an entirely new audience. We influence people to buy through refining audiences and ensuring your message hits the right people at the right time. Reach an entirely new audience through our leading brands.

We Own Industry Leading Brands

Our assets are our brands. We have over 150 digital assets which we use across various sectors. Using our assets actually means you will have a bigger slice of the pie. We pride ourselves on having assets that carry value to the end customer, meaning we avoid any spam type offers and focus on creating a quality story to the audience with trusted brands.

More Team, Tech & Resources

Our biggest strategic advantage is that our teams can think independently with limited red tape, allowing us to think outside the box on how to get marketing messages out there! Combined with tech that only large in-house teams would have puts us in a position to be a brilliant partner with substantial advantages.

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