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Facebook Lead Ads That Get Results

Want to start advertising your business on Facebook? With over 3 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide, so it’s no surprise that you might want a piece of the action when it comes to advertising.

Facebook ads are highly cost-effective and a great way to boost your exposure to potential customers. By getting your adverts in front of the right people at the right time can help you generate leads and sales at a level you quite possibly haven’t experienced before.


Facebook Campaigns Leading To Sales

We help businesses find that next level. It's easier when you work with a team who knows Facebook inside out. From ad templates, creative, video, landing pages, lead forms, we cover it all to collect leads that boost your business. In some cases, we can work on a revenue share model, where you pay NOTHING until your leads actually generate sales.

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Why use Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is effective – it works for so many businesses, so if you are not using it then you are giving your competitors, who do use Facebook lead ad campaigns, a huge advantage. Through effective use of Facebook ads, you can increase brand awareness and your Facebook presence to extend your reach beyond your traditional customers.

It is thought that around 80% of all internet users use Facebook, and the majority of these are mobile users accessing the platform multiple times per day, almost every day of the week. Regardless of what products or services you sell, you can be sure that many of your potential customers are regular Facebook users.

Of all the social media channels, Facebook is highly effective at targeting the right audience as it has over time managed to collect accurate data from its users. This enables ads to be aimed at people based on factors such as location, interests, age, behaviour etc, ensuring that your generated leads are likely to be more successful.

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Why Choose Pronto for your Facebook advertising campaign?

Pronto are an expert lead generation company who utilise Facebook advertising to help businesses increase their exposure and sales. As a Facebook advertising agency we are skilled at getting businesses the maximum return on their advertising spend.

Through our years of experience, and having spent millions on Facebook ad campaigns, we know what works in each of the sectors we operate in. For our clients, full transparency with any campaign we run on their behalf enables them to see what we do works for them, otherwise they wouldn’t continue to use our services.

We ensure your message hits the right people and is able to convert in the hands of your sales team. We have the know-how to achieve the best results for you and provide some of the following:

  • Rules in place to get the best return on investment (ROI) for your business
  • Bespoke conversion funnels so that we get customers to your website who convert, or use opportunities to re-market to them
  • Adapt quickly to use our own landing pages or lead forms built into Facebook or chatbots (depending in which works best for that industry or sector)
  • Continual review and optimisation of campaigns to ensure the most effective ads are served to your audiences
  • Pass leads from Facebook to the CRM of your choice, or use one we provide to you, so that every one of your leads generated is captured and managed effectively

Our communication is second to none. We’ll keep you up to date and respond to your feedback to refine campaigns to improve their effectiveness. As we better understand your business and your audiences, we can tweak campaigns further to boost the success for you.

Facebook is at the core of our digital strategy though we also can devise campaigns for you on other social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram. Our team knows what works, but more importantly, what will work for you.

We are a Facebook Marketing Agency which gives you access to advanced support, tools and agency-specific resources to help us accelerate success across Facebook platforms.

We Can Produce Excellent Results In Any Sector

But Here Are Some Key Sectors We Have Particular Expertise In

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  • Cost Per Acquisition down to under £15
  • Leads grew continually for 6 months straight
  • Conversion rate over 12%

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How Pronto manage your Facebook campaigns

Effective Ads

We work with you to produce effective ad copy combined with the right imagery or videos to create a range of ads that convert well.

Campaign setup

We’ll set up your campaigns and monitor them throughout. If you have previous Facebook ad account activity we’ll be able to use this data to ensure your campaign is optimised for better performance.

Test and refine

We test and monitor variations in your ads to ensure that spending is directed towards the best performing ads and the underperforming ads are paused.


We manage your funds to ensure maximum return on ad spend (ROAS). Using the available data, we’ll direct funds to well performing ads and ensure you avoid overspends.

Audience targeting

By researching your target audience we can establish the best demographic and location to advertise to for maximum ROAS.

Tracking and analysis

Through all the available data, we’re able to track the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns and discover key trends and insights that may impact on future campaigns.

Pixel Installation

Pronto will (in collaboration with your webmaster) make sure that your Facebook pixel is installed on your website and tracking events correctly.

Example Facebook ads that we commonly use:

  • Carousel ads
  • Single image ads
  • Video ads
  • Placements (new feeds, stories etc)

Why Use Us?



Facebook & Instagram almost to a degree is still evolving, therefore you must move fast to keep up with the algorithm updates, what's trending and all the latest methods. It's very easy to go from hero to zero.


Strategy & Know How

You can waste huge amounts of time and money simply with the wrong strategy. Due to our experience we have good insight and a great gut feeling if something is not going to work, and also what is.


Creativity & AI

Time is spent on the creative, tweaking and testing, but typically the AI software we use tests different imagery, text and all audience types, machine learning blended with awesome creative means brilliant and fast results.



It's quite easy with other channels to get a little lazy, but with Facebook you can't, new imagery, video and text must inspire the audience. Our policy of ad rotation and refreshing ensures your campaigns don't go stale.



We build bespoke dashboards for our clients depending on what they require. Your dashboard can show you the best performing ads, audiences and what's coming down the pipeline from us!

Video Animation Included With All Clients

Educate Your Audience With 30-60 Second Videos

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Video's Create Up To 50% Bigger Intent From Your Audience

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Facebook Advertising FAQs


Does Facebook advertising really work?

Yes, Facebook ads work, but it often depends on the set up and your goals. We can make sure you have the right goals for your ads and that you are measuring performance in the right way. If you get it right, then Facebook can provide some of the most effective targeted and lowest cost per click advertising.


How much should I spend on Facebook advertising?

Your budget for Facebook advertising is very much a personal choice, but for it to be effective and to build up a picture, you need to spend more than the bare minimum. We would recommend you spend £500 minimum to properly extend your reach, lower your cost-per-lead and allow your campaigns to properly optimise. However, don't feel obligated to stick to this as we want to work around whatever works best for you.


Can you guarantee results?

Unfortunately results are not guaranteed and if you come across anyone that promises the earth, you should be extremely cautious. However, we have much experience managing campaigns across many different sectors that we know how best to set a realistic campaign to deliver results for our clients.


How quickly will I see results from a Facebook campaign?

You will start to see results from your Facebook campaign immediately. We set up campaigns to start to generate leads straight away, so you’ll start to see data as soon as we set them live.You will be able to see an accurate measure of impressions, clicks, and conversions to have a good idea of the effectiveness of your campaigns.


How long should I run my Facebook ads?

There is no set time for the length of an ad campaign and you should really run your Facebook ads as long as they are performing at the rate you want. If your ads are still converting well, then you may want to continue running the same ad, but if there is a drop off then you could try changing an ad, especially if you suspect Facebook users are suffering ad fatigue, having seen the same ad repeatedly.


Is Facebook advertising value for money?

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest forms of advertising. Without a massive budget you can still reach thousands of people. Facebook advertising is a lot more cost effective than other forms of advertising such as print, TV, radio and other means and the results are immediate.


How do you manage my ad campaigns?

We monitor the performance of your ads, creating variations to test which works best. We pause the underperforming ads or make changes that can impact on your return on ad spend (ROAS) to deliver you the best possible results. If you would like to find out more about our Facebook advertising agency services and how we can help boost your business, get in touch today.

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