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Lead Generation v Digital Agency - Why A Lead Generation Company Can Work Best For You

02nd December 2019

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The pros and cons of using a Lead Generation company

Whether you go with a traditional digital agency or lead generation company like Lead Pronto depends on your goals. A lead generation company focuses on finding you new leads in a specific niche, usually at the fraction of the cost of a digital agency.

Lead generation

So why choose a lead generation company?

Lead generation will design your projects based on data and not become overly obsessed with the aesthetics of the project. It is leads that you want and leads that will be delivered speedily.

A digital agency has the tendency to overly focus on user experience and design. Many weeks or months may go into various iterations before you arrive at a website that you might deem suitable, but then it fails to deliver the leads you are after.

A lead generation company can respond and usually very quickly provide you with a landing page or microsite that can swiftly start delivering you with the valuable leads you desire. Lead generators are skilled marketers whereas the main expertise of a digital agency often lies in web build and development.

Lead generators are able to be data driven marketers and get you the best leads and provide you with a better return for your investment.

Pros of using lead generators

Cons of using lead generators

So what can a lead generator like Pronto do for you?

As a lead generation company we integrate technology, design, marketing, content and digital strategy, we embrace the complex problems and creative challenges of digital in order to drive results for our clients.

Pronto’s process is data-driven and highly iterative, removing the clutter that burdens many organisations. From identifying your requirements, we can very quickly build your campaign resources and get it live so that you can start seeing those leads flooding in.

We have worked in a number of sectors, so can advise you specifically to your niche area.

These include some of the following: Home Improvement, Finance, Healthcare, Laser Eye Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Hearing, Life Insurance, Pensions, Legal, Mis-Sold Claims, Debt, Mortgages, Fuel Cards, Commercial Waste, and Funerals.

How would a lead generation company work with me?

  1. Review Your Goals – First up, we’ll discuss your goals with you, and discover what you want to achieve
  2. Insight – We give insight on our sector knowledge and how to generate the best results
  3. Innovation – We’ll come up with the ideas and present them to you
  4. Development & Set Up – We develop the assets and set up your lead flow
  5. Compliance – Together we sign off the assets and check the right boxes
  6. Go Live – After final testing its time to get your campaign up and running

To work with Pronto contact us on 0333 444 0325 or email

Want to see an example of lead generation in action?

First fit

Check out the First Fit Windows Scheme

This example is a brand and site entirely dedicated to lead generation, so this provides higher conversion rates and better cost per lead.

This is why affiliate relationships work, because the brands are usually very focused and have a single purpose, whereas a typical brand website for a larger company might have to factor in many other considerations such as recruitment or being multi-service or multi-product.

The fact that the person who helps establish your requirements is also usually the same person who sets up, monitors and manages your campaign means that you don’t have to run through endless conversations with a range of different skilled people that a digital agency might possess.

For lead generation you’ll usually have one point of contact for all your requirements and that is all you need. This allows lead generation companies to be fluid and fast and deliver you results.

A lead generation company can speedily adjust or make changes to a campaign should it not be delivering as expected, and it is this ability to respond quickly that make lead generators stand head and shoulders above traditional digital agencies when it come to leads.

(Word cloud by www.epictop10.com & Pic credit www.seofreelancer.pt)

 To work with Pronto contact us on 0333 444 0325 or email


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