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Is SEO good for lead generation?

12th June 2024

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SEO, or for the uninitiated, Search Engine Optimisation can seem like a dark art – almost the equivalent of The Force in Star Wars – it exists but sometimes you just have to have trust in it before you can start to see the benefits of it. Yet, despite its existence, many people in 2024 fail to understand SEO and its importance to their business as a modern day marketing practice. To do so is to miss out.

To take inspiration from master Yoda, you either ‘do SEO, or do not’ – there is no place for half measures if you want to get real results. Yet many businesses fail to believe in the benefits of SEO lead generation for them, or do not give it sufficient time to work, and that is why they are missing out on a valid strategy that can supercharge their marketing efforts.

So what is SEO?

If, like a young Padawan Jedi, you are new to marketing, then you might even be unaware what SEO is. SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or landing page from search engines. It is a set of practices designed to improve the visibility of web pages on search engine results pages when people search using relevant keywords for products, services and information on Google, Bing and other search engines.

There are many marketing people or SEOs who might well make promises to you. Something along the lines of “we’ll promise to rank you 1st on page 1 of Google” is not unheard of, even though making these sorts of promises is akin to promising that you’ll take out the Death Star without using the Force.

An SEO campaign is one of many marketing strategies that can be employed, but with a good strategy your SEO efforts will be rewarded with more website traffic and ultimately more leads. With access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, plus your own CRM to track leads, you’ll have full visibility to monitor the success of your campaigns.

What are the benefits of SEO to businesses?

If you have an online presence for your business then you’ll most likely have products and services to promote. A good SEO strategy increases the likelihood of potential customers finding you when carrying out an online search – and when combined with good user experience can lead to more conversions, whether in the form of sales, sign ups, or whatever conversion targets are set.

This makes SEO a key part of the marketeers armoury, providing a way of connecting with people with genuine search intent who are actively seeking what you have to offer. Through good SEO content, you can mark your company out as an authority on your specific business sector and reap the benefits of this increased profile.

How Important Is SEO To Lead Generation?

Reasons to employ an SEO lead generation strategy

Here are some of the reasons that SEO is a key component of good lead generation:

Leads are free – Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) where you are paying for the clicks to your web pages, search engine traffic is effectively ‘free’ so you are not paying for anything on a per lead basis.

High ROI – Ok, so there is some expense involved in terms of the time or expense of optimising your site for search engines, but the return on investment in terms of quality leads will usually be worth it many times over.

Increased search presence – Turning up more frequently in people’s search engine results when they make a search query for relevant keywords is a positive and will lead to increased website visitors, SEO leads and conversions.

Wider funnel – People can be searching whether they are at the beginning (perhaps looking for information) or the end of the buying phase (about to make the purchase). SEO allows you to access your target audience at all key points of the buying process.

Boosts brand awareness – Increased visibility in search engines helps boost your brand and awareness of your brand so that you may eventually become a known name for a particular product or service.

High intent-high conversions – Search traffic tends to have high intent as the searcher usually is looking for something specific, and if you are to provide that solution to their query through a product or service, conversions will be high.

Builds trust – Through good thought leadership content that people are easily able to discover by searching, you can start to be seen as an authority in a particular area. By answering customers’ questions with quality responses can build that trust element.

Rank locally – If you offer a product or service that is connected with a particular location, SEO can help you rank specifically in your target areas.

Synergy with other marketing channels – as well as directly attracting customers, content created for SEO campaigns can be used to generate leads on other marketing channels such as social media and emails.

How Important Is SEO To Lead Generation?

Generating SEO leads for your business

SEO services can help you get higher organic rankings so you get more leads, but the work has to be put in by someone, whether you look to do it yourself, or more likely involve a Jedi master, otherwise known as the SEO expert.

The work of a good SEO specialist is not just about doing the occasional blog post, as some people seem to think. An SEO will help you with all aspects of SEO lead generation including:

Unlike paid search ads, where you pay to appear in search results to get more web traffic, organic search rankings are about being presented to users because the search engines deem that “the Force is strong with this one” and that your page deserves to be shown to searchers ahead of your competitors. They view your website or specific pages as being the most likely to satisfy user search intent than other websites.

With trillions of searches carried out each year, often with commercial intent, this gives businesses the opportunity to put out information about their products and services. Search is very often the primary source of digital traffic, and with features like rich results and knowledge panels in search engine results, this can increase your visibility and provide users with information directly in the visible search results.

The one drawback is that those looking for SEO traffic, or more specifically high quality leads, usually want them now, and the SEO lead generation process can sometimes take months to start to deliver. Paid advertising can bring quicker results, but there is always the risk that it only generates poor quality leads. Investing in lead generation services is very much like playing the long game and can pay off with a steady stream of quality leads that are more likely to convert.

By understanding what your potential customers want, and understanding the important keywords they use to search for them, we can implement an SEO strategy that brings effective results. While SEO is one part of the equation, when combined with other aspects, including good user experience and conversion rate optimisation practices, this can help boost your lead generation, conversions and sales. The combination can be as potent as using the Force for good. May the SEO Force be with you (always).

Let Pronto find you new customers

If you are seeking an SEO company that can increase your visibility online and generate more traffic and leads, let Pronto take charge. We’ll produce a sound SEO campaign strategy tailored to your specific needs to boost your website’s ranking, grow your organic traffic, and generate potential leads. Invest in your own SEO now and you’ll be able to reap the rewards over time, generating a genuine ROI on your investment.

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