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How important are landing pages for lead generation?

29th September 2023

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The effectiveness of your landing pages can make or break your digital strategy. Being the key pages that your potential customers land on – they are the shop window for your products and services – but there is little benefit to sending traffic to these pages if they don’t lead to a conversion of some kind.

There are plenty of websites out there that attract high traffic volumes to their pages, but these then fail to deliver leads in high enough volume for the business to thrive. Your pages might not be optimised well enough to bring you a proper return on all the visits your key pages are receiving.

Find out how important your landing pages are to your business and learn how to boost your business growth with effective landing pages that will keep visitors on site longer and generate conversions.

Your landing pages are the start of the buyer’s journey with you…

You should therefore focus on some of the following:

Ensure visitors see the right page at the right time – When a visitor arrives directly at your site or via a search engine or advert, this is very often their first experience with your website, your products, and your brand. Making that first impression count is essential. Your key landing pages should be fast-loading and the user should not experience any technical difficulties with your page or they may be tempted to click away.

Pages should be easy to navigate – A good landing page should understand exactly what your visitors are looking for and make it easy for them to find it. It will guide them on the journey down the page and most importantly, it will help them onto the next steps, whether that be getting more information from you or even making a purchase.

Pages should sell your business effectively – On arriving on your key landing pages, a visitor should know almost immediately that they’ve found what they were looking for. If your landing page looks like it might not have the answers to the visitor’s query – or it doesn’t convince them that your business is the best option for them – then they will almost certainly leave and look elsewhere.

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Your landing pages should be intuitive to the visitor from the outset and provide a user experience that is seamless. However, work with your landing pages doesn’t just end with the launch of those pages. Through careful monitoring of performance, A/B testing and an iterative process, can help continually boost the numbers of those who complete at least one of your target goals.

Components of good practice for landing pages include:

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What makes landing pages convert?

Landing pages are your shop window so you want it to be as appealing as possible. At the same time you want visitors to your key pages to be able to easily find what they are looking for. If your ‘shop window’ is overly cluttered or confusing then there’s a high likelihood that you’ll lose that potential customer who will move on to somewhere else.

When creating a landing page to capture leads, you need it to be created in such a way that it persuades those visiting your page to carry out an action rather than abandoning your site. If you are looking to generate sales, sign ups, enquiries, or just looking to keep visitors on site, a good landing page should always have these goals in mind.

In many instances, companies may prioritise flashy design over functionality, but all that effort and expense isn’t worth it if your page isn’t easy to use and doesn’t function well. Your landing pages should inform and leave people wanting more from you so that they are willing to take an action such as an enquiry, sign up for a newsletter or brochure, or even make a purchase.

Here’s an example of the above-the-fold content for one of our most effective landing pages:

Effective landing pages

How Pronto can help you with landing pages?

Pronto creative landing pages for our clients that generate leads. We provide you with landing pages that convert and help your business achieve your target goals

We use our landing page expertise to significantly boost your leads and reduce the visits to your pages and website that just don’t bring any real value to your business. We have worked in many different sectors and have refined our landing page expertise to be able to provide you with effective pages for your sector that generate the leads your business needs.

Our success for our clients is based on keeping things simple. We want those arriving at your key landing pages, whether directly, organically or via paid ads, to know almost immediately that your company is going to be able to help them with whatever it is that they are seeking.

The page experience should be logical and lead your visitors exactly where they feel they want to go and reduce the amount of time they spend searching around your page to find what they are looking for.

Our landing page work goes hand-in-hand with our conversion rate optimisation expertise. We use all the available data and tools to monitor performance of landing pages and look for opportunities where we can improve them to generate more leads.

By analysing the behaviour of visitors to your pages, we can see exactly where they are scrolling or clicking on a page, and how effective your main ‘call to action’ is on a page. There is little point in having your call to action in a position where people do not even see it.

We can also improve the effectiveness of your landing pages through the use of effective A/B testing. Best setting up multiple variants of your landing pages, we can run different campaigns to see which works best and generates the quality and quantity of leads that you are seeking.

If you are running paid ad campaigns, whether via PPC or social ads, this enables your spending to be directed to the most effective landing pages to generate the best return on your investment. We can also work with you on this aspect too.

If you need help with getting more leads and think your landing pages are what is letting you down, get in touch with Pronto and we can assist you with this aspect of your lead generation strategy. We can also provide complementary services such as paid ad management, so you can concentrate on making the most of the increased number of leads that will be generated for you.

If you need help setting up a campaign to boost your leads and evolve your business, please contact us. We’re here to help!

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